Meet the Team
These are the teachers and other support staff that keep everything at Rachel's English running smoothly.
Meet the Team
Rachel Smith

Rachel uploaded her first video to YouTube in 2008 and hasn't looked back since! Teaching English online and learning from her students has been a passion that has kept ideas about English and how we use it bubbling.

Tom Kelley

Tom has been teaching with Rachel's English for over a decade. He is a master of helping students reach their goals, and develops a lot of the lessons you'll find here in the Academy.

Rachel Stokes

Ms. Stokes has been teaching with Rachel's English since 2018. With a Master's in TESOL, she has helped hundreds of students reach their English language goals.

Laura Whittenberger

Laura has been with the Rachel's English team since 2017, and in her private lessons helps students with everything from improving their accent to preparing for auditions and important presentations.

Alicia Novak

With a background in acting, Alicia has over 6 years of experience in the classroom and online teaching accent reduction and English pronunciation. She has been on the Rachel's English team since 2020.

Katie Dunlap

Katie holds a Master's Degree in Foreign Language Education and has 12 years of teaching experience in locations as diverse as Spain, Qatar, South Korea, and the US. New to the Rachel's English team, she has undergone a rigorous training program with Rachel to learn the style of Rachel's teaching and the Academy.

Josh Lewis

Josh grew up in Michigan and after college lived in Washington, D.C. for 5 years, before moving to South America where he began working as an English teacher in 2014. He enjoys listening to music and outdoor activities such as hiking and gardening.